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We have had numerous arguments with your DBA’s about normalization.

We had the following issues

  1. Normalizing 2 different tables used by entirely different services (Audit, Business) because they have the same field name
  2. Normalizing immutable audit table

The following links might help you in defending your architecture -



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Transactions between services, No! No! No!

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Denormalization Patterns

Denormalization, Performance and Integrity

Keeping Denormalized values correct

Web 2.0 and Databases – Part I

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SQA & EDA – Using events to bridge decoupled service boundaries,289483,sid26_gci1246430,00.html?track=NL-547&ad=581976&asrc=EM_NNL_1092473&uid=1

State management in “Statless” SOA

Enterprise SOA,M1

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Having worked as a CTO, Julian is also in a unique position to assess and improve both your software and your software-development process. If you're a nontechnical CEO, he can help you bootstrap your startup or analyze (and help you improve) your existing software organization. He regularly does one-on-one CEO and CTO-coaching sessions, and can train individual teams and entire departments on Object-Oriented design/UML, Agile process, and languages.